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Hi everyone! Today’s post is a little different, it is something that I have been doing lately. I really enjoy looking at ways to design my home. It is so fun but also expensive! Why can’t it be cheap and fun? haha. I am also looking to build a wardrobe which seems to take forever as I’m considering different options. My current house has the tiniest built it robe. I think houses built in the 1970s and 1960s have really tiny wardrobes which doesn’t make any sense to me. I can barely fit anything in there. I am going to take some photos and show it to you guys next time! My clothes and shoes are still in boxes since I moved in 2 months ago, shocking!

I only bought a couple of furniture and currently there is a mix of old furniture from my previous place with the new ones. It looks really odd and out of place because my style then was more contemporary and now I’m more into the classic style. What sort of style do you like? Let me know! I knew that I was classic before I took the test with Porter Davis. To be honest I’m afraid I’m going to change my mind again *standard indecisive me*. 

The photos I’ve shared here are the style I’m currently loving and they are taken from Porter Davis show room! I like the simple, classic timeless look and the raw feeling! The mix of timber and white finishing is beautiful!

Anyway I hope you like this sort of post. Let me know if there is something else you like me to share! more photos with the link below!

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Kmall 24 Cardigan | Kmall 24 Shorts | Choies Top | Sandals from KM Play in Seoul | Zara Bag

Hey guys! Just a quick update tonight with this casual look I wore recently! The platform sandals are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever bought! I think I’m over exaggerating here about the shoes but I can walk in them all day! I should have bought the one in black as well!

I love a pair of boyfriend shorts and a white one like this is perfect! I will be wearing a lot of this in the summer! Great for lazy days. On a side note, my legs are looking ridiculously fair in this first photo compared to my face and neck. I think I need to tan my legs. Luckily summer is coming! :D

More photos with the link below!

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Check Stripe

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Hello Molly Fashion Check Stripe Dress | Black Fit Bag | Daniel Wellington Watch | Zara Heels | Vidakush Bracelet | Jolie & Deen Rings 

So I was looking for a place to take photo this weekend and we came across this old tram and thought it would be a nice background. We walked towards the tram (the front of the tram) and lighting wasn’t too great so we moved to the side of the tram and saw “chloe” sprayed over the tram. Well it’s actually Chloe.b but what a coincidence! And the other half of the tram was sprayed with the word “d***” lol! That wasn’t very appropriate for my photos.

Moving on to my outfit, I really like this check stripe dress. You guys know how short I am but I can’t resist a pretty long dress like this one! I paired it with this beautiful Zara heels. Also, if you like Daniel Wellington watches, I got a discount code: chloe15 that gives you 15% off, and it’s valid until the end of October! I love their classic watches, it’s a timeless piece that will never go out of date! 

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and more photos with the link below!

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