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Here is part two of my MRP Outfit post. You can find the first part here. Basically I’m featuring four lovely outfits I put together featuring MRP along with hosting a $100 MRP Coupon giveaway, courtesy of Nuffnang and MRP.

Here are the two fall outfits featuring MRP pieces and these outfits are more appropriate for readers outside of Australia’s current season! The variety of clothing MRP offers for various seasons is great as it can be hard to find certain items down under due to the seasonal difference. 

Click the link below to check out more photos, and learn more about MRP and the giveaway.

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Spring is just around the corner and here are two spring outfits that I came up with, featuring some of my favourite pieces from MRP. If you haven’t heard of MRP before, they’re a South African fashion retailer. They have 500 stores in SA and they deliver to over 130 countries worldwide. 

I managed to snatch 6 pieces from them for under $100. Delivery costs $5 and it took less than a week to receive my purchases all the way from SA. They’ve got a huge variety of items for not just ladies but men and kids too. And their quality is pretty good as well.

Anyway, I haven’t been wearing midi skirts for quite a while now. I knew I just had to grab this pink midi skirt when I saw it on MRP’s website. Also, what are the chances of me wearing pencil skirt? I am very picky with pencil skirts and this one is just too cute with the heart prints!

Click the link below for more photos and links to the items, and an awesome $100 MRP giveaway coupon’s up for grabs as well!

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Choies Crop Top | Sheinside Shorts | Stfrock Cardigan | H&M Boots | Nastygal Bag

Hi everyone! We haven’t had a good sunny day in Melbourne for a while and today’s weather is perfect! It was 21 degrees and was sunny all day! After 4 months of gloomy weather I’ve learnt to appreciate the sun. I was out all day taking some photos for my blog and guess what! I’ve also recorded a video too! It should be up in a week or two once I get around editing it! 

I love this cardigan, it is so comfortable. I always buy cardigans because i wear them all the time, whether I’m at home or at work. I think a cream cardigan is a great one as it would go with anything. It could be a feminine outfit. I wore it with a crop top and oversized shorts! A pair of black boots is a must have too. I have too many of them but I wear them to work all the time. I think that’s a good excuse to buy more black boots? haha :)

More photos with the link below!

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