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College Outfit

Chloe Ting, Fashion, StyleChloe Ting, Fashion, Style

Sheinside Knit | Sheinside Faux Leather Skirt | Nastygal Backpack | Missguided Platform Boots | MRP Necklace

Hey guys! Here’s an outfit that I would wear to college/uni if I am still studying! The skater skirt is cute for uni and knit baggy tops are always great because they are so comfortable! Personally I would wear boots or platform boots because I am a shorty! This platform boots from Missguided is really comfortable and Jeffrey Campbell have a couple that are quite comfortable as well.

Good thing about uni life is you can wear anything you want. At least in Australia we can wear anything we want, so just be yourself. Don’t be afraid to express yourself or being judged by other people. The most important thing is that you are confident and happy.

When it comes to uni outfits I also went for casual wear, like just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or jeans. Mostly because I just can’t get up in the morning, so I either picked up a quick casual outfit or I skipped  my morning classes! I’m the worst when it comes to attending to lectures. I attend most of my tutorials though and did self study at home instead. But don’t do that guys! Go to your lectures although they can be so boring! haha.

More photos with the link below!

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 Chloe Ting, Style, Fashion Chloe Ting, Style, Fashion

Anticlockwise Kimono | Paint It Red Shorts | Paint It Red Top | H&M Necklace | Zara Heels | Couronne Bag

Hello everybody! This week’s weather is simply horrible. It’s a week of rain and it’s quite cold at my home. The house i’m currently living in was built a long time ago and the insulation is horrible. I’m sure I need to replace fix up the roof insulation, walls, windows, and even the floor to keep the house warm. My electric bill went through the roof the last two months just from heating! Alright, enough of me ranting about such non trivial matter haha. first world problems. 

Anyway today’s outfit is something I throw together really quickly! I was in a rush to go some shopping for the week. The weather was a bit warmer when I took this photo, hence the shorts! I have been loving this bag as you can tell from my previous posts. The colour is just beautiful! :)

More photos with the link below!

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The Long Cardigan

Chloe Ting, Fashion, StyleChloe Ting, Fashion, Style

Missguided Black Cardigan | Missguided Shorts  | Missguided Lace detailing top | Missguided Platform Boots | Anarchy Street Bracelets  | Jolie & Deen Rings

Hey everybody! Hope everyone has a great Monday! I sure did, I got to spend the day replying emails! I didn’t get a chance to do that lately due to work commitments. Finally everything is going to be back on track! Let me know what sort of contents you would like to see and I’ll try my best to incorporate them!

Today’s outfit is a soft grunge look especially with those acid wash shorts and long black cardigan. I have been loving long cardigan because they are just so comfortable and the length gives extra warmth when I need it! These Missguided boots are my new fav black boots! I swear I have too many black boots, but too many of them have their heels damaged from all the walking. So I guess I have a valid excuse to have more? haha :)

More photos with the link below!

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