Release date: April 2021

2021 Summer Shred Challenge

Type: Full Body, Weight Loss

Equipment: Fitness Mat

Approx 30 min

Per day

28 Days


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    Whats the difference between the different summer shreds? (2019 vs 2020 vs 2021)

    The summer shreds in different years follow the same goals but were made in slightly different styles and video lengths. It is to provide things such as new variation of exercises, sequences, etc! They were created to offer more options to people to find what suits best for them.

    The warmup and cool down videos are optional but highly recommended. However, at the end of the day, these schedules are my recommended guide - please feel free to make changes as necessary to suit your needs

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    How many videos should I do per day?

    You are recommended to do ALL videos listed for each day. If a day has 3 videos, you should do all 3. If you're having trouble doing them, stick to the low impact versions until you get stronger.

    If a video is labeled as optional then it’s up to you. Warmups & cooldown videos are optional but highly recommended. This schedule is my recommended guide, pls feel free to make changes as necessary.

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    Can I split the workouts and do the videos at a different times during the day?

    Yes that’s absolutely fine. Go at your own pace, and do as much as you can. If you did only 1 video per day, it’s still great that you’re exercising! Stick to low impact as necessary, and work your way up to being able to do all of them. Just remember if you take a long rest/break (30min+) between videos, you may need to warm up again when you get back to it.

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    Must I follow the videos in a particular order?

    The order in which I listed them is my recommendation. You can break them up and do them across the day, but it's worth just getting it all done in one session if you're able.

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    What does engaging my core mean?

    When you’re doing ab exercises, you need to engage your core. If you’re not, you’re probably using other parts of your body such as your back or your neck, and you risk to injure yourself. Just take it slow and focus on your breathing. This video of mine may help with tips on engaging your core.

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    Can I do this workout on my period?

    This is entirely up to you - if you are feeling strong enough then go for it. You can also just stick to low impact moves if you want. However, if your body needs rest, then please rest. Your body will naturally be weaker during that time so don’t be discouraged, you got this. After your extra rest day, just continue where you left off.

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    What can I do to get the results I want?

    This depends entirely on what results you are looking for. In general, working out is just half the battle. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and you also need to ensure you are eating a balanced, nutritious diet to fuel your body for these workouts. Please speak with a registered dietitian or nutritionist, depending on your individual needs. You can also check out my new recipes section for some healthy recipe and snack ideas.

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    Will this program help me lose weight or gain muscle?

    You will need to eat more to gain muscle and eat less to lose weight. Energy balance is an important factor when it comes to gaining weight or losing weight. If you’re in a caloric surplus, then it can assist with gaining muscle, and if you’re in a caloric deficit, then you’ll lose weight.

    Don’t forget, you may lose weight but not lose inches, or you may remain the same weight but drop a dress size. The best way to track your physical progress is by tracking your measurements and taking before/after photos at the same time of day, in the same clothing, from the same angle. Have realistic expectations as it depends on your goals, your efforts into it, and giving yourself enough time to achieve your goals. This program could be just the start of your journey. Make sure share your results on Discord, Instagram or YouTube so that we can all be encouraged by your success!



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