Release date: Nov 2020

MOVEmber Schedule

Type: Full Body, Weight Loss

Equipment: Fitness Mat, Dumbells (Optional), Resistance Bands (Optional)

10-40 min

Per day

Nov - Dec


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    Nov 28

    4 workouts | 20 min (in total)

    Nov 29


    Nov 30

    4 workouts | 35 min (in total)

    Dec 01

    5 workouts | 30 min (in total)

    Dec 02

    4 workouts | 35 min (in total)

    Dec 03

    4 workouts | 30 min (in total)

    Dec 04


    Dec 05

    4 workouts | 40 min (in total)

    Dec 06


    Schedule updated weekly

    Follow the whole community all the way till Dec 18th. Let's stay active together!

    Dec 07

    4 workouts | 35 min (in total)

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    Why is the schedule different? Why is there is there no day 1?

    This follow along schedule goes according to date, instead of days. It's more about having fun and doing it together with the community.

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    Is this a challenge/program?

    November follow along is not the usual challenge/program that I put out. The concept of this follow along schedule is to keep our body happy, active and healthy during the colder and holiday months. People's lives normally get busier in Nov/Dec and it may be hard to stick to a schedule, so this is meant to be a more relaxed schedule. Stick to it each day if you can, or if life happens, jump back in anytime and follow along with the rest of us! I will also be live-streaming once a week to bring the community together to stay active.

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    How do I follow this schedule?

    Simply follow the videos corresponding to whichever date it is in real life and you are good to go! Note that due to timezones, some people might be ahead, while other behind.

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    What's the goal of this schedule?

    The goal of the schedule is to stay active and moving during the colder and holiday months. A lot of people fall of the habit of working out and It’s easy to feel unmotivated during these months. I wanted to create something to remind us that we should treat our bodies with some movement to keep happy and healthy!

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    I'm trying to gain weight, should I do this program?

    If you are looking to gain weight, taking up the Get Peachy Challenge or Get Fit Challenge may be the better option for you.

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    Will I be able to see the full schedule?

    No, you will not be able to see the full schedule and this schedule goes away after it ends.

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    Are they going to all be existing videos?

    There will be existing videos and 3 new ones mixed into this follow along month!

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    What if i miss the livestreams?

    I'll be doing the videos listed on the day in the schedule. So if you have missed a livestream, you can just follow the workouts in the schedule. It's the same workout. If you want to follow the livestream version, you should be able to find that replay on my channel.

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    How often will there be livestream workouts?

    Planning to livestream once a week! Please check the schedule to see when and on which date. I will most likely be streaming on Twitch after YouTube livestreams so please feel free to come and hang out!

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    Is this going to be cardio based? Or resistance based?

    There will be a both a mix of cardio and resistance for this follow along.



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