Chloe Ting's 2018 Summer Shredding Challenge Schedule


Hey guys! This is a schedule suitable for beginners or intermediates. Feel free to bookmark this page so you have easy access to a guide. The first week or 2 might seem a little tough but don't over stress and rely on the low impact exercises within each video to keep yourself going. Aim to COMPLETE the video till the very end, just swap in easier exercises if you need to. No matter what you do, do not stop the video and jog in place if you absolutely can't do it. Give yourself time and you'll find yourself getting stronger as weeks go by and it'll bring you one step closer to your goals! Remember to eat well so you have strength for these workouts, and always remember to do a warm up before doing any of these workouts.

For those of you who are stronger and feel like your at your limits, do push yourself harder and add an extra workout or two into your daily schedule. Enjoy the workouts guys and remember to stay safe! Hit me up on Instagram with your progress photos and leave comments in the video to help motivate others!