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Wonderland Maxi


MINKPINK Maxi Skirt | Romwe Sweater | Nasty Gal Necklace | Randa heels | Vidakush bracelet and ring

Such a good idea to spend a few days back home being pampered by family before going off on a holiday. I’m already feeling relax and recharged and my real holiday hasn’t even started! haha. I spent today going through old photo albums with my mom and I thought it would be a good idea to share some kiddie pictures on my blog so you guys can have a before-and-after haha. Expect that post soon :)

Today’s outfit features a stunning floral maxi skirt with two slits on the side (No I didn’t cut them myself, but totally would!). Threw on a light weight sweater to keep the attention on the floral patterns and added some bling to complete the look. More shots with the link below.


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