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Dotty Mint


Bird Printed Shorts  | Dotted Shirt | Mint Backpack | Galisfly rings | Wasteland Necklace | Wanderlust + Co Bracelets

Home sweet home! Landed back home in Brunei over the weekend and I think I’ve gained several pounds already! It’s only been three days of kicking back and I’m feeling much more energized being able to catch up on sleep and all. So looking forward to this Friday when I jet off to Japan. Will still be updating my blog from an iPad during those long bullet train rides but not bringing a laptop so can’t share my trip photos till I’m back!

Anyway, today’s outfit is a casual piece made up of a basic crop top, and to not overpower the casual look, I put on a pair of light colored printed shorts. Easy outfit for a casual day out in the sun, and I decided to go with a shirt over the waist, but could be swapped with it being worn unbuttoned or with a jacket instead.

More photos with the link below.


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