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Shoe Cult Part 2


Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal heels | Nasty Gal Crop Top | Nasty Gal Skirt | Choies Bag | Wasteland Necklace | Galisfly Rings

Absolutely love this pair of red heels from Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal! I love that they are designed for wider feet. My feet aren’t that wide but I often find these sort of strap heels quite narrow and uncomfortable. I decided to wear these heels with these beautiful white and black crop top and skirt from Nasty Gal. If I’m looking for a crop top, I know that they have the best ones. Their crop top collection is by far my favourite out of all online stores out there! Please do let me know if you have any awesome finds though :)

Don’t forget to enter this giveaway to win a $150 giftcard by Nasty Gal if you like this look!


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