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Shopping with a Budget - The Amazon Challenge & Giveaway!

I’m sure some of you have had gotten carried away while shopping before and gone above a set budget. it can sometimes be hard to control yourself especially when you’ve tried to sleep on it and return the next day to find an item’s out of stock already! It’s happen countless times to me both in stores and online! 

I guess my only tip would be to learn over time to discipline yourself to a rough spend each month and if your worried about losing an item due to limited stock, always just get it if it’s worth it and looks good on you. Just take the cost off your next month’s spend haha. It’s worked for me and has kept me on a controlled monthly budget :)

Anyways, here’s an interesting challenge for you. I’ve got a $75 Amazon coupon to giveaway to one of you, courtesy of This can be used for ANYTHING on Amazon, so that’s a massive list to of items to choose from. So if your interested in a shopping challenge on Amazon, read on below!

I’ve never really used Amazon for shopping much before, and have only used them for a rough price guide on certain things. That is until now cause I found their make-up and clothing section!

I thought I’d make this giveaway a little more fun by sharing with you different sets of choices I could go with if I was given a hypothetical $75 to spend. So here we go:-

Option 1:- A Make-Up Haul (Total cost $74.75)imageHere’s some of the beauty items I would love to try. The NARS summer set is definitely my favourite among their other sets! Opaque white nail polish would look so good with the current trend! These are just some of my finds from amazon. I’m sure they are plenty awesome deals!

1. NARS Summer Set - $40.97, 2. NYX Eye Shadow Palette - $9.66 3. Essie Marshmallow Polish - $4.644. OPI Dip Dry - $3.03, 5. Nyx Hippie Chic Lip Stick - $6.00,  6. Benefit Lip Tint - $10.75

Enter the giveaway with the link below!

Option 2:- Apparels + Shoes (Total Cost $74.99)


7. Bebe Harlequin Skirt - $59.99 (reduced from $98.00!), 8. Black Pumps - $15.00 (different from above photo)

Option 3:- Apparels + Shoes (Total Cost $66.00)


9. Gabby Skye Stripe Dress - $49.99 (reduced from $98.00 as well), 10. Leather Bracelet - $15.98

Option 4 - The Techie Blogger (Total cost: $72)

11. Kindle - $69, 12. Vogue Magazine - $0, 13. In Style Magazine - $0 14. Simply Effortless Style eBook - $3

I hope you enjoyed my shopping lists, and feel free to leave a comment with any good finds you have on Amazon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks again to for the giveaway :)

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