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(Studded Sleeve Top and Skirt c/o Romwe, Bag c/o Choies, MINKPINK Belt, UNIF Hellbound Platform Boots, Necklace and Bangle c/o Tooabsorb)

I love this belt! I got a really small frame so finding a nice belt is really difficult cause it can’t be too wide and the most common issue is that they just wont fit me. I’m really grateful that MINKPINK and a lot of other Australian labels now produce small sizes. Back in the day, it was so hard for me to find clothing that fits me especially shorts! That lead me in having an obsession about gaining weight! It was not easy to gain any weight then, but now that my metabolism has slowed down a little, I think I need to start working out more! That should be one of my new year resolution then. Start working out and stay healthy! What’s your new year resolution? :)

More photos with the link below!


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