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ZAOZAO Giveaway

I’d like to introduce you to ZAOZAO who is Asia’s 1st crowd funding platform for emerging designers. I think it’s awesome that they help and support emerging fashion designers raise money to produce their own designs. They have items ranging from clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and even custom designs. The way it works is that designers put up their designs on the site, and you can pre-order items which will fund the cost of making them, and this allow it to be affordable for everyone, brilliant! Do check out their store and share your thoughts on their items or any good finds in the comments.

So just for the readers out there, their offering an awesome giveaway where there will be 8 winners (yes not one, but 8 of you!) that will each receive a necklace of your choice of colours from above. The colours may differ a little from the photos above as they are all handmade by local artisans in Hong Kong using up cycled materials. 

Hope this is something that you will enjoy, so click the link below to enter this giveaway! 

P.S. Please remember to click on the link that send you an email confirmation. Your profile is not activated if you haven’t click on the link, and so can’t fund/pre-order projects! 

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