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Don’t Worry Be Sexy

(Don’t Worry Be Sexy Style Stalker Tank c/o MarketHQ, Topshop Patchwork Denim Jacket, Jeffrey Campbell Lucite Heels, H&M Bag, Denim Shorts c/o Romwe)

Love the message on this top. It’s always good to feel good about yourself, whether its to feel sexy, productive, smart etc. I’m someone who really believes in positive energy, and I think that it can bring you to places if you have that attitude anywhere you go. Of course that is not always easy when horrible things happen, but I always try to think that any obstacles or rejection now are for the best. Better things are yet to come!

I have gone through some disappointments in the past in numerous occasions. I broke down a few times crying to my close ones, complaining how unlucky/failure i am.. why does it have to happen to me, etc etc.. haha.. My mom/bf would snapped me out of my foolishness reminding me that I should be grateful instead of whining about things that I haven’t achieved. Think about the things that I’ve achieved. 

So when I’m feeling down, I’ll always run through a list of happy things in my head like: I’m extremely grateful to have my family supporting me through everything. It would be so much worse if they are not there for me. So grateful that I have readers that write me sweet emails or through my other social media, always happy to read them. I sincerely appreciate it :) Grateful that I found a great work place with great people. It will just remove that negative energy away from you. Leaving you happier, and wrinkle free. haha!

Anyways enough with me rambling, I really love this Patchwork Denim Jacket from Topshop as well, easily my favourite denim jacket so far! Paired it with JC lucite heels, probably the second time I wore it in my blog, but I’ve actually worn it numerous time to work.

Romwe also have their annual sale coming up from 21st to 26th Nov. Click the image below to check it out!

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