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Lord Coconut + possible Giveaway!

Last week, I went to an event at Lord Coconut where I learnt how to make jewellery, following a demonstration by a.l.i Alexander. With only our imagination, we used clay/wax to shape jewellery from scratch, and it was pretty awesome! Above is a cross design bangle that I made. I really liked it and it’s definitely something I would wear as I’m really into grungy stuff lately, and it’ll go well with items like denims or leather.

If you like this bangle you could like their facebook page and enter the contest and there’s a chance of you winning this bangle! If my bangle gets the most votes for this contest, it will be cast in sterling silver, and one of you will win this, and I will also receive one which is awesome since this is my first creation! Hope you could spare a few seconds to vote for this cross bangle! A big thank you in advance for all of you who vote! :)

The winner will be randomly drawn soon after 17th August as long as you LIKE the item on the facebook page before the contest closes. 

More photos of the event with the link below!

<3 Chloe

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