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Tokidoki & the House of CQ!

This is the cutest brush set I ever own! They are by TokiDoki! You can find thir makeup line at Sephora. Apparently a lot of youtube gurus have this brush set as well! The brush is extremely soft plus the tips are pink and blue. how cute :) Can’t wait to use them with the eye shadows I got from TokiDoki as well.

I got quite a lot of messages on how I do my eye make up. I tried to film it a few days ago but a lot of the footage were out of focus. :( I’ll be sure to give it another shot sometime soon. All these youtube gurus are extremely good in what they’re doing. I’m not very patient when it comes to putting makeup on my face.

Click on the link below for more!

The packaging of the shadows and powder.

Look at the tips! I don’t want to stain the angle brush with my gel liner!

Anyways, I had a nice evening last night, attending a 50’s style runway event by the House of CQ at a pretty cool factory venue. Definitely very different from what I wear, but it’s great to sometimes open my eyes to different styles and see what I can adapt from it. 

<3 Chloe

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