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Giveaways part 3

Here’s the third part of the giveaway to celebrate reaching 10,000 fans on lookbook! There will be 1 more giveaway next week :)

I will  be giving away the Romwe top and skirt (totalling $100) from this post!

I absolutely love this skirt. Hope whoever wins this skirt loves it as much as I do. It’s one of my fav maxi skirt. So just to be clear, the contest is for both the fish scale top and the maxi skirt.

2 simple steps to to enter the contest, 

1) Be a follower from one of these: Bloglovin, Lookbook or Facebook. Also please support me by liking my look in the MarketHQ contest! I really need the votes!!! Thanks heaps!
2) Leave a comment down below with your email address! 

Just click here and click “like” button under my picture! Please help me win this and spread the word on facebook! Thank you!

This giveaway ends on 23rd March 2012. Good luck!

P.S Please scroll all the way down to comment!

<3 Chloe

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