My Outfit Scrapbook & Random Rants

Round Glasses and Bow!

Here I am all geeked up with this outfit. I’m carrying my thesis which arrived in the mail some time ago. So much hard work put into that book, which can now sit in my bookshelf and never be looked at again. lol. 

Now that I think back, I wonder if I would ever wear such an outfit to Uni. I would probably get a lot of death stares with that shirt tied up like that, and those glasses & boots. I was actually a tutor in my Uni, so it would have been a challenging thing to do haha. Anyways, hope you guys like this outfit. I’ll be posting another one up from Inlovewithfashion again, and I’ll have another giveaway soon :)

More photos after the jump!

<3 Chloe

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