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Sheinside Crop Blouse | Sheinside Shorts | Choies Mint Loafers

Hey guys, I’m back in Melbourne! So I got scammed by a taxi driver on the way back home today. It is so ridiculous, when I got in the taxi and told the taxi driver my address. He said “sh!t”. Well we figured that cause our current place is quite near to the airport and it usually cost me $30 to get back home. This dude decided to take the longer route, and it was too late to stop him when he made the turn to use the long route. We told him that he used to longer route but he insisted that he was using the shorter one, and guess what, our total fare is $50. I was obviously not too happy about that, but I was too tired and just let this one go. Lesson learnt is I will tell them what route I want to use next time. 

Anyway I was in Brunei for a short trip to see my family hence all the summery outfits! It was so hot in Brunei but I love it! Melbourne is a little too cold for me at the moment after being in Brunei for the last two weeks. My skin was well hydrated since it is quite humid in Brunei, and now only a few hours in Melbourne I can feel my skin drying up and its going to look like those dried dates. haha! 

I hope you guys like this look and more photos with the link below!

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Sugarxspark Checkered Set | Denim Shirt | Jeffrey Campbell Scully Platform Boots

Hello guys! I’ve been away in Brunei for the last week and spent some time with my family and nieces. They are the cutest little girls that just make me so happy! I’m returning to Melbourne soon and things will return back to normal! More blog post and video contents coming up on my blog soon too. Sorry that the hair video is not up yet as I do not have access to my laptop for the last few weeks! 

Anyway this checkered shirt and shorts are extremely comfortable, I like that I can wear the top to work too, with a pair of pants. If you like sugarxspark items, I also have a code to get a 10% off your purchase using “0506CHLOT10”. It is valid until the end of July and they have pretty awesome pieces :)

Alright, I will return to Melbourne on Thursday and have another blog post up! More photos with the link below!

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Sheinside Summer Giveaway!


Hi guys! Here’s a giveaway courtesy of Sheinside! The winner of this giveaway get to choose a dress and bikini of your liking from their summer collection! Click the link below to enter the contest :)

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