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Perche Cindy III Sandals | Bayla Laced Playsuit | Romwe Mint Cardigan 

Hey guys! How is it going? Two more days then I’ll be living in my new home! It has been a crazy week with the move especially moving into an older home. There are a lot of things that need fixing and lots of cleaning too! I’m really excited nonetheless :)

Anyway I really love this pair of heels from Perche. The cut out details is really pretty, it creates an illusion that my feet is a bit longer which then makes my legs look longer too! haha. I got a feeling that this pair of sandals will be my go to heels in the summer!

More photos with the link below

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Kardashian Kollection Lovita Heels | Somedays’ Lovin Jeans | Market HQ Tank | H&M Kimono | Blackfit Bag

Happy Thursday! I love jeans like these nowadays. This is not really a boyfriend cut but looks like one on me. The jeans is actually quite a tight fit for the model in Market HQ. I guess if you like this relaxed look then go for one size larger? I think that the size runs a little large for me. Size 24 is generally quite tight for me, but quite a loose one for this pair of jeans.

Anyway I am in the middle of moving to my new place. I am in a serious stress mode right now. I’m trying to get the kitchen and bedroom sorted before I move in so that at least I can use the kitchen. I am also looking for a wardrobe carpenter. I looked it up online and I got one really ridiculous quote today. If anyone in Melbourne knows a good but affordable carpenter, please let me know! :D

That’s all for today. More photos with the link below!

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Theory of Seven Top and Skirt | Melissa Ultragirl Heels | Coach Bag

Hello everybody! How is it going? This is my last look from my trip to Brunei! I miss the hot weather there. The hot weather also made my veins on my arms and feet popped up more and it’s not very attractive haha. It’s quite clear in these photos because it was scorching hot. Anyway the actual way for wearing this top and skirt is having the mint side or the pink side at the front. I tried a different approach which I quite like but would be better if the waist line match with the rest better. Oh and these Melissa shoes are so cute! They also smells like rubber/bubblegum? I don’t know how to describe this smell, they has a special scent. 

Anyway I’ll see you guys on Thursday. More photos with the link below :)

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