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St Frock Denim Shirt | Joes Jeans | Choies Jumper | H&M Boots | Zara Bag | H&M Scarf

Hey guys! It’s so rare that I have my hair up in a bun. I just like my hair down better and  can you tell that I’ve finally gotten my roots touch up! I feel like I look 10 times cleaner just getting the roots of my hair fixed. My regrowth just makes me feel like I’m not put together.

I love heavy knit scarf like this one i got from H&M a couple of months ago. It is a perfect accessory for a simple outfit! I’m wearing denim on denim today and the knit is the statement piece here! I hope you enjoy this blog post and I will have more updates on my blog next week! :)

More photos with the link below!

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Boda Skins Leather Biker Jacket | Choies Shorts | Choies Tiger T-shirt | Betts Shoes Boots

Hey guys! I saw this video on my facebook feed that is so bloody funny. It’s a video of the part where Elsa is singing let it go in Frozen, but not actually let it go. Watch it here! it totally describes my feeling of most Mondays! Just watch me, I’m going to rock in the office tomorrow and do that. haha just joking.

Anyway this outfit is simple and I love this leather jacket I got last year. It’s crazy that I haven’t wear much of it this year! It really keeps me warm, i’m going to get to most of out it for the next two weeks since weather is warming up in Melbourne!

Hope you enjoy this post and have a great Monday :) More photos with the link below!

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Tapgol Park - Seoul, Seoul,, Seoul, Insadong

Hey guys! Here’s some photos I took in Seoul a couple of months ago. I was looking through my folders and found these photos! This was taken at Tapgol Park near Insadong. We were on our way to Insadong from the train station and this park was just right opposite Insadong. There were many people chilling in the park, just relaxing! I would if I live in Seoul!

Anyway I bought these sandals from KM PLAY in Myeong Dong and they are so comfortable. I really like platform sandals, I used to dislike walking in them when I first came across them. It’s either my first one was not made well or I have learnt to walk in these shoes. 

I hope to go back to Seoul again and I hope you enjoy this post! More photos with the link below!

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